Martin Lewis’s Tips to Saving £300+ NOW


As winter fast approaching and gas prices going up Martin Lewis provides valuable tips to savings during the cold nights.

Winter is the highest-use energy period and on average most people are overspending by over 30% (often £300 a year), simply due to being on the wrong tariff. Check out his tips for saving over 300 over the course of 12 months.

Lewis quotes GOT when emphasizing how important this time is.
  1. Who knew playing video games is so expensive! Apparently, setting aside the game console for 2 hours a day can save up to £47 across the year. Lewis suggests going out for a bike ride or doing something outdoors instead.
  2. Are you a night owl? That might cost you more than you think. Turning to bed 1 hour earlier can actually have substantial savings of electricity. How much you wonder? According to Lewis turning off the lights at 9pm can save up to 32 throughout the year.
  3. Opting for a healthy green meal instead of using the stove to cook Sunday dinner may cut down energy costs by up to £45.24 a year, not to mention the mountains of calories you will be sparing your love handles.
  4. Killing two birds with one stone Lewis has another brilliant idea of cutting down weight, as well as costs. Instead of spending 15 minutes in the shower every morning Lewis suggests a light workout instead. Not only will you burn 100 calories, but you will also save £98.43 across the year.
  5. Are you cranking up the heat in the winter? Maybe your muscle mass is lacking. According to Lewis, exercising more means your muscles produce more heat, which allows cutting down your heating costs.  As a matter of fact, turning the thermostat down by merely one degree can save you £85 over one year. Wow.
Who knew one Celsius was so expensive?

While the PM has recently said she wants to cap prices, if it passes through parliament, it’s over a year away, and the savings will likely be trivial compared to what you can save if you act now. That’s why according to Lewis counting on the government will only give you trivial protection while switching to a better energy plan is the way to go, along with the above tips.



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